About Capelle Kane

The Right Experience

With headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, Capelle Kane Canadian Immigration Lawyers has been providing savvy, effective legal services since 1994. In fact, our legal work is focused solely on immigration law.

We’ve helped large corporations bring senior executives to Canada, smaller businesses secure temporary foreign workers to fill labour shortages and ordinary individuals begin a new life by immigrating to Canada. We help employees with temporary status arrange for dependent spousal work permits or study permits for dependent children. We help people who are already in Canada plan the best approach to bring family members and loved ones to join them here—spouses, common-law partners, same-sex partners, dependent children, parents and grandparents. Our business is about human relationships; bringing people together. The key to our success—knowing our clients, understanding their objectives, knowing the law, identifying the best options and working through the process—paying attention to every detail, getting everything right, caring.

The Right Attitude

At Capelle Kane, every client is accorded individual care and attention. We built our reputation as a leader in Canadian immigration law by staying ahead of changes to Canada’s citizenship and Immigration laws, resolving problems quickly and honestly, and standing up for the individuals and organizations we serve.

By constantly updating our knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and policies, we guide employers on how best to satisfy the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and, in so doing, achieve realistic and timely success. Our clients can count on straightforward answers from our immigration lawyers through every step of Canadian immigration process—from the initial application, through to permanent resident status and Canadian citizenship.

The Right Skills

When major employers across Canada think of corporate immigration, they think of Capelle Kane. Our extensive knowledge of Canada’s immigration rules and regulations serves as the foundation to plan and manage successful corporate immigration strategies for hundreds of companies.

Our immigration lawyers develop and deliver training for corporate human resource professionals. We advise on Canadian corporate immigration and relocation strategies and consult with executives and skilled workers moving to Canada from around the world. Capelle Kane gets valuable business talent in place and on the job—fast. And, there’s more to our story. In addition to our success with visa applications, we have a history of dealing effectively with virtually every type of Canadian immigration-related legal procedure. For example, our firm has had success with applications for criminal rehabilitation, and cases involving spent and expunged criminal convictions. We’re experienced with applications for Authority to Return to Canada (ARCs) and temporary resident permits (TRPs). And, we’ve helped clients to substantiate that they and their family members are medically admissible to Canada. From work permits to permanent resident status—when you’re looking for the right advice on Canadian immigration law, look to Capelle Kane.


Canada’s immigration laws are complex. When something goes wrong with the process, having legal representation from astute, experienced Canadian Immigration lawyers can mean the difference between a case that is won and a case that is lost. Capelle Kane legal representation is empowering.

If you’re encountering problems, facing unreasonable delays or trying to deal with a negative decision from Canadian immigration authorities—don’t hesitate. Get in touch with Capelle Kane Canadian Immigration Lawyers to discuss your situation. Capelle Kane lawyers advocate for your rights and interests—backed by their extensive experience and their knowledge of every aspect of Canadian Immigration law. After discussing your case, our lawyers may decide you have grounds to challenge an immigration application refusal through the appeal and review process. It’s critical to speak with us about your case as soon as possible. You may have as little as 15 days to launch an appeal. Located in Ottawa—the seat of Canada’s federal government—Capelle Kane links to a network of government channels to find solutions to immigration problems. And, as seasoned legal representatives, we make effective use of Canada’s Access To Information and Privacy legislation to uncover the source of delays, or reasons behind negative decisions. Determined problem solving can often salvage seemingly impossible situations, such as medical inadmissibility, criminal record issues and application errors. Capelle Kane provides emergency immigration services. When necessary, we’ll represent our clients at the border. Need help with Canadian immigration problems? Talk to Capelle Kane.

Philippe Capelle

Philippe (Phil) Capelle has been a lawyer in Ontario since 1991, and has practiced immigration law since 1993. Before entering private practice, Phil received specialized training in the North American Free Trade Agreement and customs-related policies while employed with the Canada Revenue Agency. He co-founded Capelle Kane Canadian Immigration Lawyers in 1994.

In 1999 Phil was appointed by Order-in-Council to Ontario's Consent and Capacity Board. He was named senior lawyer of that tribunal in 2002 and continues to serve in that capacity. Phil is frequently called up on to deliver presentations and serve as moderator at seminars and conferences organized by the Canadian Bar Association, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, l’Association québécoise des avocats et avocates en droit de l'immigration, the Ottawa Human Resources Professionals Association, the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation and the County of Carleton Law Association. In 2010, and again in 2011, immigration practitioners from across Canada elected Phil to the executive committee of the National Immigration Section of the Canadian Bar Association. He was also appointed to the Executive (Provincial Coordinator) of the Ontario Bar Association, Citizenship and Immigration Law Section for 2011-2012. Phil holds a BA (Honours) from Carleton University and an LL.B from the University of Windsor (1989). Phil is bilingual and offers advice and services in English and French.

Betsy Kane

Capelle Kane co-founder Betsy Kane began her legal practice in 1992. Today, she is a leading practitioner of Canadian immigration law, with an outstanding reputation in Canada’s capital. Major employers in the National Capital Region and hundreds of individual clients have relied on her quick thinking, astute judgment and in-depth expertise.

Betsy has the coveted distinction of being certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in immigration law. She is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and from 2007 to 2010 served as member of the executive committee of the National Citizenship and Immigration Law Section. To learn more about the advocacy work done by the Canadian Bar Association in the field of citizenship and immigration law go to: Betsy has been actively involved with Ottawa’s immigration bar since 1997. She is a principal organizer of Ottawa’s annual immigration law conference and chairs the immigration law committee of the County of Carleton Law Association. Betsy holds a BA from McGill University and LL.B from the University of Windsor.

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